Absence of Disclosure Costs
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REECVS requires your photo to be taken with a special camera; at least two government issued Photo IDs, a list of current and previous addresses (visually identified), a list of your known names and nick names along with your work and education history. Please see the REECVS application form.
R. E. E. C. V. S. Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is REECVS?
REECVS is a Credit Check System for the Caribbean Region

2.What is a Credit check System?
A Credit Check System is merely a way of telling who is naughty and who is nice. Think of it like Santa’s Christmas List, that is, you can’t just say you have been a good boy or girl! You have to prove it! REECVS looks at your level of responsibility i.e. do you pay your bill on-time or at all?

3.How is REECVS even possible? 
REECVS is based on Facial Recognition Technology that opens the door to getting credit. It gives merchants confidence that they can let customers walk away with that new forty-two inch Plasma Television or Furniture Set without making a payment. With a great Credit Score, you won’t have to make your first payment for weeks or even months (just like in the U.S.)

4.What’s a Credit Score?
A credit score is an accumulation of numerous factors that help store owners, car dealers, service providers, banks etc. to feel more comfortable lending you money, giving you merchandise or giving you credit. This comfort is based on your level of responsibility or trust worthiness from historical data authorized by you the consumer for prospective merchants to see. Trust here is displayed in the form of a number called a Credit Score which in turn is based on your display of trustworthiness over time. Merchants only need to know that they won’t get burnt by trusting a customer who promised to pay. In a nutshell, a Credit Score simply lets a merchant know how likely or unlikely he is to get burnt by you the customer!

5.What do the letters in REECVS stand for?
R. E. E. C. V. S. stands for the Regional Education Employment and Credit Verification System