Absence of Disclosure Costs
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Absence of Disclosure Costs
Caribbean Detective Agency was conceptualized by J.P. Fleming since 2005 but was not registered until 2008. After years of market research, feasibility studies and investments, the CDA concept had become reality. This was a company based on information. And as the saying goes “Knowledge is Power” and Mr. Fleming decided to get his B.S. in Management Information Systems because proper knowledge could not be had without good information.

Management Information Systems was an adaptable major that could have lead to many professions and a plethora of careers. J.P. was able to choose wisely in his major and in his career. He chose to create Caribbean Detective Agency. It was a type of company long over due in the Caribbean Region which had suffered from Pirates and the like for centuries. More recently, in the 21st Century, Caribbean people had slowly started to realize that things were no longer as simple as they use to be. Everyone from everywhere was a potential threat to the local people’s business, health or way of life.

By combining technology with a growing network of Private Investigators, Retired/ Ex Police Officers, Military and other Law enforcement personnel J.P. was prepared to fulfill needs for knowledge long before they were realized.

The Caribbean had been sorely lacking in good information sources and everyone would hear or see everything but claim to know nothing. Out of fear or loss of status, people tended to remain silent on many issues for too long. The fact was, as communities continued to remain silent they to became victims of the 21st Century Pirates, rapists, murderers, gangs, child sex offenders and more. With the creation of CDA, people could make reports anonymously and CDA could help in prepping solid cases for court.

Truly, hearsay is not a good way to run a business or even start a relationship. People needed facts, and that is why at CDA we say ‘Absence of Disclosure Costs’ because what you don’t know can hurt you. Whether it is money, time, health, relationships etc. not knowing will cost you. To close your eyes and hope for the best is insufficient; not having solid information may lead you to worry. Who wants to make a bad investment? Who wants to end up losing money or catching a virus? Good intelligence is a must!

That’s why, at CDA we strive to be the best and the first Regional Detective Agency.